Yin and Yang

January 9, 2013


Happy New Year! It feels like it is definitely back to business this week – but with a true break and a wonderful vacation under my belt, I am feeling refreshed and ready for it. After a very busy year, I was reminded anew of how critical it is to find balance in life. To work hard but take time to play. To indulge and enjoy great food and wine, but also make time for exercise and salad! To create bold interiors that have quiet corners. To balance clean modernity within classically scaled spaces. The yin and the yang, if you will! I went to Europe over the holidays, and without work on my mind, I was astounded at how I was able to see and experience so much with new eyes. I’ve attached some pictures of beautiful colors that caught my eye along the way. So, here’s to balance in the new year and to taking time to stop and smell the roses…and see the colors! All the best, Kendall