February 13, 2013

Ahhhh….it’s Valentine’s season again. I say “season” because, like Halloween, it’s no longer just a day, but really a month-long marketing event. That said, love is surely something to be celebrated, so I say…dive in! Valentine’s reminds me of two important decorating points I’ll elaborate on here: 1. The color red, in small doses, can be divine. 2. Nothing livens up a house more than fresh flowers. RED I truly love color –and all its transformative powers. And the color red, in particular, can take a room from zero to sixty. However, much as I love it, I have found after many years of trial and error that red works best when injected very thoughtfully in small doses. Bright red cording on a pillow, pinky-red trim on a curtain, rusty red interwoven in a herringbone rug. Of course, if a client really loves red, we’ll find a way to make a bigger statement with it that works. And this is all about finding the exact right shade of red, as the undertone color that can completely change the feel. FLOWERS I used to think of flowers as an indulgence – the perfect touch at the end of an installation for a client, but not necessarily for my own day-to-day life. But, I’ve changed my tune. Fresh flowers can instantly pull a room together and make it feel special, so why not have them all of the time? Even in the midst of my boys’ piles of homework and the other detritus of our daily lives, I find that a vase of beautiful fresh flowers just makes our house feel like a well-loved home. So, long after Valentine’s season ends (right around when Easter season cranks up!), I hope you’ll keep brightening your home with touches of red and beautiful fresh flowers.