Travel: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

October 3, 2012

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Travel always brings inspiration. I just got back from a weekend jaunt to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and let me tell you – it was exactly what my mind and body needed. It was inspiring on many different levels from the air to the colors of the sky to the texture of the mountains and trees. Words don’t give it justice, but it was a vibrant reminder to take design cues from nature. The Grand Tetons provide the dramatic focal point, surrounded by layers of quiet beauty, set to the backdrop of a big sky. So similar to what we try to create in our designs — pulling in styles from different periods and cultures, layering colors and textures to create a beautifully assembled canvas for living.

To top it off, we spent a few days fly fishing – you heard me right. I never knew how peaceful and serene fishing could be with the water running below my legs and nothing but beauty all around. Now that I’m back in San Francisco, I’m reminding myself of everything I took in and the important connection between nature and design. If you’re looking for a getaway – Jackson Hole is the place to go.