Swing into Spring

March 12, 2015

Kendall Wilkinson Design looked radically different to pedestrians on Sacramento Street this week, shifting from an edgy vignette to a softer look. With spring right around the corner, the walls were stripped of their dark black and reemerged as a youthful green.


Designer Lauren Mendenhall derived inspiration from the changing seasons and the emergence of blossoms in California this month. Handmade flowers hang down from the ceiling, in addition to wooden swings. Each swing holds various design books by some of our favorites and spirited flowers from the local flower mart. “When I think of spring, I think of fresh flowers and swinging in a park. I fell in love with the idea of mixing real flowers with ornate, handmade blooms,” noted Lauren.

The design is also a reflection of the clean, rustic, minimalist look that several of our clients are loving right now. The manila rope was hand tied to custom wood seats and hung down from a support structure designed to hang the swings from the ceiling. The seats are so secure in fact, that designers could actually test drive the swings which provided quite the fun afternoon at KWD.


The gorgeous botanical shots that adorn the walls are from local artist and KWD client, Kimberley Harmon. For more information, please check out her website, and each piece that is featured at KWD is on sale.