• Design Process: Custom Furnishings

    At times we are able to find the perfect off the shelf item for a particular room.  More often, we custom design furnishings.  This could be a simple fabric selection to use on stock frame, or a more elaborate design.

  • Design Process: Fabric Selections

    The fabric library within the office provides our designers with thousands of textile options to create individualized projects reflecting the personalities and preferences of our clients. Color palettes may start with a concept derived from nature or inspired by artwork or moments in our clients’ lives. Various palettes are developed in order to evoke a certain feeling within the environment.

  • Design Process: Space Planning

    Kendall Wilkinson Design is a full service interior design firm.  Our projects range from room updates to ground up construction.   After concepting the space with the client, we start to execute – literally putting pen to paper, or using the latest design software to ensure that the creative process gets flawlessly executed, resulting in the most livable rooms for the client.