February 21, 2013


Hope you enjoy this guest blog post from Jennifer Orne, a Senior Designer at my firm. Love her perspective on nature and how it inspires design!

Working with the landscape and not “making a mark” on nature is the point of Andy Goldsworthy’s work. I have been obsessed with his ingenious approach to sculpture and photography for years. Creating forms from natural materials such as stones, sticks, leaves, snow, and ice; these outdoor sculptures temporarily survive and then eventually disappear due to the whims of nature.

Here in San Francisco he has installed such works as “Drawn Stone” for the entry courtyard of San Francisco’s De Young Museum, which echoes San Francisco’s frequent earthquakes and their effects; here also is a work titled “Spire and Wood Line” which is inspired by the Presidio’s historic forest. I am constantly inspired by nature and find great joy by spending my free time hiking in the nearby national parks. I find fascinating color combinations that inspire design color palettes – based on a vignette of moss and tree bark, fallen leaves covering the forest floor, and river rocks strewn about by the bank of a creek. Nature is my muse and Andy completely epitomizes all that I find perfect in this world.