What I Love About Mid-Century Modern

December 12, 2012


Our holiday vignette in the store this month features a mid-century modern display that reminds me of all the things that I love about the pieces of this period: the clean-lined furniture, the warm wood tones, the simplicity of forms and minimal ornamentation mixed in with small doses of straight-up glamour. Mid-century designs from the 1950’s and 1960’s paint an accurate picture of the post-war period. A reaction to the pre-war emphasis on formality, tradition and weight, these new designs were quite opposite: informal, simple, light and most of all…modern and fresh. While I would not choose to live in a house done exclusively with mid-century modern pieces, I do love mixing them in with furniture from other eras because of how they contribute so richly to the overall vibe of a space: relaxed, clean, functional — the ultimate statement of understated cool. From a mid-century inspired dresser in a child’s room to a cocktail table in a formal living room, mid-century design makes a stylish addition to any space. Get some ice, Don Draper might be coming by for cocktails later!