LCDQ 2015: Where Muses Dwell!

April 28, 2015

For nearly a decade, LEGENDS has brought together key interior designers, artists, editors, and architects together for a 3-day celebration of design at the La Cienega Design Quarter.  Each year, a different theme is selected and top interior designers are invited to partner with the various showrooms to showcase their talents. This year’s chosen theme is “Where Muses Dwell”, and the Legends team requested that each designer choose a particular muse that inspired them. One muse stood out to Kendall Wilkinson in particular: Debbie Harry of Blondie.


How did we pick Blondie as our muse? Debbie Harry is the ultimate iconic female: a punk goddess who transcends genre and time. Kendall Wilkinson has a personal background in music, so Blondie has always served as an influential force in her life. In many ways interior designing is similar to performing music, using various elements to create a finished project aimed to inspire all.

How does Kendall Wilkinson Design relate to Blondie? Kendall Wilkinson and Blondie have two very big traits in common; longevity and versatility. Over the last 25 years, Kendall Wilkinson has become an industry leader in interior design and projects range from residential to commercial, and modern to traditional. Similarly, Blondie has consistently produced hits in the last 40 years, and each of the group’s four no. 1 singles in the U.S. represented a different genre of music. Debbie Harry’s music has remained current, speaking to a wide audience and appealing to all types of people.


Explain a little about the process. The process of concepting and designing the window has been a fluid process. Instead of working on a design that is inspired by a client, it has been exciting to work on a design that is entirely concept driven. Some of the most stimulating moments have been the fiascoes – not being able to execute elements of the original idea.  Having to improvise has actually resulted in better design in the end – similar to how a live performance can be more exhilarating than the studio recording.

What should people look forward to at the window reveal?  Incorporating media, musical elements, and audience participation are all elements that makes this window stand out. We wanted to evoke the spirit of Blondie throughout the decades by mixing old and new elements. The vignettes at our design studio in San Francisco have been concept driven projects, and the window at Legends is taking that to another level.


Stop by the La Cienega Design Quarter to see our window reveal from May 6-8th at the George Smith Showroom. It’s our small way of paying homage to this pioneering band that continues to rock!