August 20, 2014

window evolve

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San Francisco is a shifting landscape. As an international hub for technology and innovation, our clients’ tastes are constantly evolving to push the envelope of innovation in design. Our current vignette by KWD’s Senior Designer, Maggie Waltemath, and Design Assistant, Kaelyn Zatto, plays up this theme through the idea of evolution through the destruction and rebirth of design ideas.

Over the years of shopping for clients, shopping for the store, and shopping for pieces in showcase projects, we found ourselves with an excess of traditional pieces which are no longer in style, and which had been mishandled and damaged* from years of storage. Stroll past our window on Sacramento Street and witness our evolution “into a more complex, and a more advanced state.“

A special thank you to Fraenkel Gallery for loaning Untitled (earth), 2009 by Michael Lundgren.
* No undamaged furniture was harmed in the making of this display