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Sculptural Modern

Sculptural Modern

Referencing the surrounding landscape, this Silicon Valley home was a labor of love for the owner, a consummate collector. Nestled in a lush setting, the colors used in the design echo the terrain while natural stone lends a rough hewn quality to the project. Contrasting with the organic materials, the exquisitely crafted furniture and art creates a vibrant focus and reflects the owners’ passion.

Modern Natural

This 1920’s Pacific Heights dwelling focuses on modern elements and showcases impressive views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Palace of Fine Arts. While the design palette was kept neutral, orange accents are used playfully throughout the home. The stunning space feels quintessentially California, exemplifying indoor/outdoor living and indulging the family’s love of entertaining and sports.

Kristin Rowell joins Kendall Wilkinson Design as Principal

Kristin Rowell

Kristin Rowell

After a six-year hiatus, Interior Designer Kristin Rowell has re-joined Kendall Wilkinson Design, as Principal. Kristin excels at creating highly personalized and beautiful living environments for her clientele. Her wide knowledge base, understanding of scale and proportions, and innate sense of color and texture allow her to create spaces of enduring quality and understated grace.

Kristin’s keen interest in the effect of one’s surroundings was piqued by the ever-evolving interiors of the Victorian home on the Peninsula, where she was born and raised. Travels to Europe with her family sparked her interest in fine arts, architecture, and fashion at a young age. The cobblestone streets and ancient church spires juxtaposed with the modern architecture and chic fashion scene gave Kristin a lasting impression of the possibilities of design.

After obtaining a BFA in Art History from the University of Colorado Boulder, Kristin spent several years working for various Bay Area residential design firms and showrooms, including founding an eponymous firm, prior to joining Kendall Wilkinson Design.

Collaboration is important to Kristin. She has achieved noteworthy results by working closely with her clients, her team, and her established network of trusted resources, with projects that have been featured in multiple design and lifestyle magazines. Kristin’s ability to successfully collaborate with architects, contractors, and other key players makes implementing design and interior architecture a seamless process. Clients soon learn they can depend on Kristin for sure guidance and attention to detail and that she will make well-considered decisions on their behalf.

Kristin currently resides in Palo Alto with her husband Deke, a landscape architect, and their three children. She loves spending time in the outdoors and can frequently be found running, hiking, paddle boarding, or skiing.


Melding Traditional and Contemporary


California Home + Design featured the latest Kendall Wilkinson Design project in their Summer 2015 issue. Our client wanted a home that felt modern and edgy, using natural materials that were family friendly. We teamed up with William Duff Architects and Upscale Construction to deliver a home that melds traditional and contemporary elements.


Inspired by local restaurants, this 1920’s Pacific Heights dwelling is designed for entertaining large groups. While the design palette was kept neutral, orange accents are used playfully throughout the home.


Special thanks to author Anh-Minh Le and California Home + Design for featuring us in this latest issue. See the article here or view the full project.

LCDQ 2015: Where Muses Dwell!

For nearly a decade, LEGENDS has brought together key interior designers, artists, editors, and architects together for a 3-day celebration of design at the La Cienega Design Quarter.  Each year, a different theme is selected and top interior designers are invited to partner with the various showrooms to showcase their talents. This year’s chosen theme is “Where Muses Dwell”, and the Legends team requested that each designer choose a particular muse that inspired them. One muse stood out to Kendall Wilkinson in particular: Debbie Harry of Blondie.


How did we pick Blondie as our muse? Debbie Harry is the ultimate iconic female: a punk goddess who transcends genre and time. Kendall Wilkinson has a personal background in music, so Blondie has always served as an influential force in her life. In many ways interior designing is similar to performing music, using various elements to create a finished project aimed to inspire all.

How does Kendall Wilkinson Design relate to Blondie? Kendall Wilkinson and Blondie have two very big traits in common; longevity and versatility. Over the last 25 years, Kendall Wilkinson has become an industry leader in interior design and projects range from residential to commercial, and modern to traditional. Similarly, Blondie has consistently produced hits in the last 40 years, and each of the group’s four no. 1 singles in the U.S. represented a different genre of music. Debbie Harry’s music has remained current, speaking to a wide audience and appealing to all types of people.


Explain a little about the process. The process of concepting and designing the window has been a fluid process. Instead of working on a design that is inspired by a client, it has been exciting to work on a design that is entirely concept driven. Some of the most stimulating moments have been the fiascoes – not being able to execute elements of the original idea.  Having to improvise has actually resulted in better design in the end – similar to how a live performance can be more exhilarating than the studio recording.

What should people look forward to at the window reveal?  Incorporating media, musical elements, and audience participation are all elements that makes this window stand out. We wanted to evoke the spirit of Blondie throughout the decades by mixing old and new elements. The vignettes at our design studio in San Francisco have been concept driven projects, and the window at Legends is taking that to another level.


Stop by the La Cienega Design Quarter to see our window reveal from May 6-8th at the George Smith Showroom. It’s our small way of paying homage to this pioneering band that continues to rock!

Design Process: Fabric Selections

The fabric library within the office provides our designers with thousands of textile options to create individualized projects reflecting the personalities and preferences of our clients. Color palettes may start with a concept derived from nature or inspired by artwork or moments in our clients’ lives. Various palettes are developed in order to evoke a certain feeling within the environment.

Swing into Spring

Kendall Wilkinson Design looked radically different to pedestrians on Sacramento Street this week, shifting from an edgy vignette to a softer look. With spring right around the corner, the walls were stripped of their dark black and reemerged as a youthful green.


Designer Lauren Mendenhall derived inspiration from the changing seasons and the emergence of blossoms in California this month. Handmade flowers hang down from the ceiling, in addition to wooden swings. Each swing holds various design books by some of our favorites and spirited flowers from the local flower mart. “When I think of spring, I think of fresh flowers and swinging in a park. I fell in love with the idea of mixing real flowers with ornate, handmade blooms,” noted Lauren.

The design is also a reflection of the clean, rustic, minimalist look that several of our clients are loving right now. The manila rope was hand tied to custom wood seats and hung down from a support structure designed to hang the swings from the ceiling. The seats are so secure in fact, that designers could actually test drive the swings which provided quite the fun afternoon at KWD.


The gorgeous botanical shots that adorn the walls are from local artist and KWD client, Kimberley Harmon. For more information, please check out her website, and each piece that is featured at KWD is on sale.

Designers of Distinction Awards!

Last week was a flurry of activity and recognition at Kendall Wilkinson Design, beginning with the Designers of Distinction Awards. The firm was honored with its third nomination in the last 5 years, but this year was recognized in the Contemporary category. In prior years, KWD fell into the traditional category and this shift reflects the firms focus on increasingly more modern projects.


The three projects that were nominated from KWD ranged from a penthouse, a one-bedroom, and a beach retreat; which showed a range of skill sets and styles from various KWD designers. The Padallian high-rise project was once a hard-edged Modernist penthouse, the home is now an airy retreat. Kendall Wilkinson gave the abode’s light-filled rooms and meticulous craftsmanship a jolt with clean, modern furniture and graphic designs. The palette was simple: black, white, anthracite, and charcoal. A checkered marble floor sets the stage for a sofa in dark green velvet and chrome-plate Italian chairs. Views of San Francisco abound through curtain-less windows. Custom crystal chandeliers and sconces add shimmer and elegance throughout.


Nestled within one of San Francisco’s historic neighborhoods resides this Zen-like home. Wrap around windows reveal a panoramic view of the Bay. A palette of misty grays and cool tones was selected to mimic the fog rolling in across the evening sky. The understated elegance of this décor sets the stage for the client’s exquisite art collection. Modern style is found throughout the home, such as a plush mohair on the club chairs and the Piero Lissoni gloss on the dining table.


Like John Steinbeck and Jack London, this family found its muse in Carmel, California. What was once a drab and dreary home was transformed into a light, airy abode with colors reflecting the sea and surrounding landscapes. Rich, bright fabrics are mixed with unusual crystal fixtures. The library is awash in glossy aqua lacquer with a midcentury sunbather as inspiration.


Ultimately, the award did not go home with our KWD team- but we had a lovely time at the luncheon and it was an honor to be nominated for the third time! Stay tuned for next year, fingers crossed that 4th time’s the charm.

San Francisco FOG: A Trip into the Modern Art and Design World

This weekend, the art and design community in San Francisco ventures out to the Festival Pavilion in Fort Mason for the 2015 FOG Art+Design Fair. Patrons can experience the work of prominent 20th century and contemporary design dealers; as well as showcases by the leading modern and contemporary art galleries.


Employees at Kendall Wilkinson Design had the opportunity to attend the Designer’s Forum Preview Breakfast and the Preview Gala on Wednesday, January 14th. These two exclusive events allowed designers to source artwork for specific clients and provided inspiration for future projects. This year’s FOG featured artwork in particular more prominently than in years past. While artwork dominated the scene, the variety in materials and textures use to create the pieces varied greatly.


The Preview Gala attracted over 1,000 art and design lovers and the people watching was nearly as engaging as the pieces themselves. The creative community dined, drank, and mingled until late Wednesday night and many items were sold by the end of the night.


2015 Color Muse: Marsala

Pantone announced 2015’s “Color of the Year” this past week as marsala, the reddish-brown tone. A color is chosen by Pantone every year since 1990 by an extensive selection process and serves as a basis for color inspiration for the following year. The company issued a statement about the choice saying, “Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.”


There have been some mixed reactions to 2015’s color of the year, including an article in New York magazine that deems the selection “yucky.” Other magazines, like the Atlantic, have claimed that it, “shares associations with wine, chicken, and mushrooms, the color also summons pfth-sounding glops of mystery meat in elementary cafeteria lunches, liver (and not necessarily of the French, pureed, pâté class) whipped into a murky abundance atop bread, pink slime gone wrong, or meatloaf (with a healthy serving of that mystery meat, perhaps?).”


However, when looking into the selection process it is clear that the Pantone Color Institute, headed up by color-guru Leatrice Eiseman, is nothing short of extensive. The committee looks at art, technology, upcoming films, fashion, and interior design to determine the color of the year. Looking at the big picture is important for the selection process, and not focusing on a particular industry.


What are your thoughts on Marsala as the 2015 color of the year?


Our Presidio Heights design studio features rotating window displays, which constantly evolve and reflect the changing landscape of the interior design world. From high glam to whimsical, these modern moments capture a different designer’s vision every few months. Stop by for a peek into the world of Kendall Wilkinson Design.

Holiday Treasures

Our newest vignette is a modern approach to a traditional theme: holiday spirit! Every year, families celebrate various winter holidays by adorning their homes with sparkling lights. We wanted to play off this theme by incorporating lights into an ocean inspired compilation, putting together pieces that encourages passers-by to stop and take a look.

nov 14 1

This season’s vignette is the collaboration between designers Elena Novik Jack and Taylor Jones. The hanging orbs that drop down from the ceiling are actually black stockings,  globes, and LED lights, creating a dreamlike, magical feeling. Instead of focusing on a traditional Christmas display, the designers wanted to evoke the emotions of the joyful and unexpected.

nov 14 2

nov 14 4

The display includes the By the Sea a black & white print collection by local photographer, Don Dianda. Each unique image represents an open expanse that draws its energy from nature, light, grace, and the sense of vastness. The wonderful pieces are on sale at our studio and you can contact Don at or call 415-706-5917.


Treasures from the Vault- Sale Nov 14 & 15!

This Friday and Saturday, we are excited to announce that we have unearthed design treasures in a 2 day vault sale. Located at our Sacramento street studio (3419 Sacramento Street), we will have designers at the sale to provide styling tips and tricks to help customers find the perfect use for each item of interest. The items range from French antiques to mid century modern finds and are very special to Kendall and the designers who have sourced them. Sourced from Kendall’s travels, antiques markets, and various designs, her discerning eye has discovered various pieces that are now on sale for one-time only at very reduced costs. Please stop by between 9am and 5pm on Friday and Saturday to browse our collection and catch-up with our staff!

Eblast without preview sale


To find out more information about Kendall Wilkinson Design and our Vault Sale, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.







Picnic at the Beach

This year’s Leap 31st Annual Sandcastle Contest was a huge success, and Kendall Wilkinson Design raised $5,668 benefiting arts education in public schools. A few thousand people attended the event and the 27 other sandcastles were incredible! To learn more about the cause, please read our previous blog post.


Kendall Wilkinson Design joined together with Strandberg Engineering, Feldman Architecture, Peninsula Custom Homes and Jefferson Elementary School as team “Sands of Thyme” in efoorts to raise funds for the cause. Together the team raised $18,104 for Leap.

It has been a wonderful journey for us throughout these last four months. Leap brought us together as a firm and as a team and pushed us to be creative to raise awareness for arts education. Together we hosted a jewelry trunk show sponsored by Chloe + Isabel, hand made bracelets from hides donated from S.H Frank and Edelman Leathers and hosting our food truck event at SOMA Street Food Park where we raised over $2,000 through ticket sales, bracelet sales, and raffle tickets.



Not only did we have a blast preparing for and attending the many events, it was rewarding to mentor the 4th and 5th graders the process of design. Going off Leap’s theme for this year’s contest, “Food, Glorious Food,” the students brainstormed concepts for the sandcastle design, they first sketched their ideas and as a group voted on their favorite design, “A Picnic at the Beach.” The four firms mentored the kids in building clay models which represented their interpretations and together we developed a strategy to build the design out of sand.


We had over 150 teammates attend the sandcastle contest on Saturday to transform what once was a clay model into a 20’x 20’ sandcastle.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to our various events and to all of our clients, vendors and friends who donated to Leap. We had a fantastic time and can’t wait for next year!



To see more; check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.



Art, Sandcastles and “Food, Glorious Food”

Leap Sandcastle

This year's event takes place on October 11th and is expected to stretch along nearly 2 miles of Ocean Beach and draw over 3,000 participants and spectators.

This year’s event takes place on October 11th and is expected to stretch along nearly 2 miles of Ocean Beach and draw over 3,000 participants and spectators.

35 years ago, the state of California dramatically reduced funding for education and nearly eliminated arts from public elementary schools. Leap was founded in direct response to this cut to the arts in California’s school. This is the foundation’s 31st Annual Sandcastle Contest, where local firms in the design and building industry team up to raise funds and design a masterpiece based on the year’s theme. Teams then partner with local classrooms and spend a day at Ocean Beach playing in the sand and executing their vision.

This is Kendall Wilkinson Design’s first year in the game, but we partnered with a team of Sandcastle veterans. Last year, Strandberg Engineering designed an impressive rendition of the pyramids (complete with a camel!) and was the top in fundraiser in the competition. We have also teamed up with Feldman Architecture and Peninsula Custom Homes and are determined to earn our keep and blow out the $20,000 team goal through fundraising- a Chloe + Isabel jewelry truck show sponsored by one of KWD’s own interns and an event at SOMA StrEatFood Park to celebrate this year’s theme “food glorious food”.

As members of the design industry, we were all inspired to be creative thinkers at an early age. The still life I painted in my 3rd grade classroom still hangs on the wall in my mother’s entry and began my love for watercolor.


Because of the exposure and encouragement I received when I was young I had the confidence to pursue a career in the design industry. Children need exposure to the arts now more than ever. We are incredibly excited to be participating in such a remarkable event that raises money to inspire the next generation of artists and designers. Please click on the link for more information on Leap and the Sand Castle Building Contest.

Kendall Wilkinson Design invites you to attend our fundraising event at SOMA StrEatFood Park on September 11th, tickets can be purchased online or at the door. If you would like donate but are unable to attend, please visit our team page.


window evolve

Evolve edit resize


San Francisco is a shifting landscape. As an international hub for technology and innovation, our clients’ tastes are constantly evolving to push the envelope of innovation in design. Our current vignette by KWD’s Senior Designer, Maggie Waltemath, and Design Assistant, Kaelyn Zatto, plays up this theme through the idea of evolution through the destruction and rebirth of design ideas.

Over the years of shopping for clients, shopping for the store, and shopping for pieces in showcase projects, we found ourselves with an excess of traditional pieces which are no longer in style, and which had been mishandled and damaged* from years of storage. Stroll past our window on Sacramento Street and witness our evolution “into a more complex, and a more advanced state.“

A special thank you to Fraenkel Gallery for loaning Untitled (earth), 2009 by Michael Lundgren.
* No undamaged furniture was harmed in the making of this display


By Alex Cheng


This title, a twist on an architectural principle espoused by the great Louis Sullivan, emphasizes that the “function” of interior design is vital when planning the living space of a ship.

I’ve been interested in boat interiors ever since my husband took me to my first sailboat show.  I was instantly impressed with the economy of space required in designing the bedrooms (berths), kitchens (galleys), living rooms (saloons), and even the bathrooms (heads).  In addition to spatial considerations, the designer must select materials that are resistant to water and corrosion, as well as to absorbing odors from fuel and the nasty stuff that is inevitably stored in tanks close to where people eat and sleep.

Above are some examples that I found to be innovative and inspiring.  They are less traditional than the standard wood finish and striped fabric patterns that you might see in many boat interiors.  Instead, they incorporate aesthetic techniques often seen in modern high-end residential design.

Photo Credits:

Kendall Wilkinson Design + Chairish Sale

We’re delighted to announce Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home is launching a limited time only sale available on Chairish, the fabulous online consignment marketplace for design-obsessed people.

The sale starts today, March 31st – start shopping here. Shop over 50 items of Kendall’s thoughtfully curated blend of antique, vintage, and contemporary pieces showcased in themed rotating store vignettes.

Don’t forget to enter Kendall Wilkinson Design + Chairish’s Sweepstakes starting today and running until April 11th for a chance to win an Eames-style Tripod Globe, featured below.

Take a peek at some of the fabulous items included in the Chairish sale:

Table base of two etched lucite v-shaped pieces, which can be configured to fit a variety of table tops. A great “airy” table for a smaller space.

A fabulously ornate shell encrusted chandelier. This elegant piece is complete with matching canopy. This fixture is handcrafted and a true piece of art.

A Roccoco style Bergere chair upholstered in orange and silver art-deco velvet.

Happy shopping!

Venture Capital Firm

Venture Capital Firm

Located in the bustling Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco is this boutique venture capital firm. The firm is modern yet honors the architectural elements of the historic building through exposed brick work and beams, and original window mullions. Contemporary furnishings are set off with bright orange accents, and the main room features a grand kitchen. A large airy conference room, private offices, and a “Mad Men” room with a stocked bar surround the main area.

Clothing Boutique

Located in the tony Sacramento Street shopping district in Presidio Heights, the retail boutique Philanthropist featured gorgeous clothes and lux accessories. Kendall Wilkinson approached the interior design project with intent to create a beautiful, lavish, yet inviting space, full of light. In order to let the collection stand out, we layered an understated palate of mauves and metallics, with highly polished wood and sumptuous velvets. The shop was a perfect stop to shop, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Kendall Wilkinson Wreath

Not Your Traditional Holiday Wreath

Kendall Wilkinson Wreath

Designer Wreaths

Wiseman Group Wreath

Despite the chilly December weather, San Francisco’s finest turned up in droves at the 2013 Jingle & Mingle Designer Wreath Auction to support the Children of Shelters. The festive décor was reminiscent of a lively cantina with swirls of hot pink, lime green and turquoise, mini piñatas and specialty mojitos served with a delicious menu.

Guests entertained themselves with a photo booth, sitting for a custom caricature, and by bidding on the wide variety of wreaths on auction. The directive was the same – create an amazing wreath! And what’s even more amazing is how every designer took a unique artistic direction to create an innovative wreath. No two were alike!

Inspired by the latest trends in jewelry design and the geometry of nature, Kendall Wilkinson’s wreath evoked both the honeycomb and the crystalline structure of a snowflake. White lacquer edges are set off against a warm golden satin sheen interior. The effect is a luxe wall sculpture that can stay up long after the holiday season without seeming out of place. (Top)

One of the most distinctive designs of the evening came from Alfredo Gregory. He translated the word “red” in various languages and used that as the basis for his design. How many languages can you spot? (Middle)

We also loved the tailored looked by the Wiseman Group with Tuell and Reynolds. Similar to our wreath, this design could stay up long past the holiday season bringing the spirit of the holidays into any home all year long. (Bottom)

Holiday Vignette in California Home Magazine

Sprucing Up For The Holidays

Holiday Vignette in California Home Magazine

At this time of year, the design studio and store turn into ‘Santa’s Workshop’ as we ready for the holidays. The vignette above, featured in California Home Magazine, features Ango Lighting’s Branching of silkworm cocoons hand-soldered onto a wire matrix. This is a perfect way to add sparkle to your mantel for the holidays. Read more. Press Page

Here are a few additional tips from Kendall to create a festive home environment:

Consider rearranging your space – When preparing for your holiday party, moving a couple of pieces of furniture around to create intimate seating groups can provide an entirely new look.

While we are fond of traditional holiday colors of greens, reds, blues and metallics, we also love to bring in less expected hues – try eggplant with bronze, chartreuse and smoky blue, or yellow mixed with metallics for a new take on the holidays.

While people often make use of greenery to decorate, there are many options for bringing the outside in: try adding apples and berries to your wreath or let colorful gourds dress up your table.

Dress up your tree – One of our favorite ornaments is a white feather dove perched on a branch. So soft! These are sold in our store and we can never keep them in stock.

If you can’t find it – make it! – We love making custom stockings that coordinate with our clients’ homes. It’s an easy way to have something personal and meaningful that the whole family can enjoy many holidays over.

November Glow




This November, Kendall Wilkinson Home kicks off the Holiday Season in style with a balanced blend of traditional and modern.

The store window features swirling Art Nouveau Lotus wallpaper by Farrow & Ball, contrasted with a stunning rustic-chic live edge dining table of reclaimed American Elm.

A handmade vintage birdhouse from 1936 provides the centerpiece, surrounded by a mix of votive holders and handmade ceramic dishware. We also upholstered a pair of our favorite vintage 1930’s French Moderne chairs in sumptuous sapphire silk velvet. If you’re searching for a great holiday gift, or looking for the perfect accent piece to show off in your home, stop by the shop!

The Perfect Penthouse

C Magazine Calls It “The Perfect Penthouse”

C Magazine



The Perfect Penthouse

C Magazine recently went behind-the-scenes with Kendall Wilkinson Design to discover how to transform a client’s dream into the perfect penthouse.

Our client, a business executive of a global consumer products company, had acquired a very dramatic flat in the tallest residential tower in San Francisco. His dream was a private and rather old world residence with classic grace.

The approach was linear and crisp. The palette was simple: black, white, anthracite, espresso, and charcoal.

Thank you to our friends at C Magazine and to author, Diane Dorrans Saeks.
Visit our Press Page to read more.

Design Magazines Featuring Kendall Wilkinson

Look and Feel of Design Magazines

Design Magazines Featuring Kendall Wilkinson

Kendall Wilkinson Design Featured in an Array of Design Magazines in October

One of my favorite things to do is to luxuriate in exquisitely written and curated design magazines. I love seeing the double-wide spreads and feeling the coated paper. This month I was humbled to see my work featured in an array of my favorite magazines. Hats off to all the design magazines in the world. Thank you for informing my work over the years. Starting from top to bottom on the above image, here is what is featured:

House Beautiful asked that I photograph what inspired me while on holiday in Europe. My favorite find is featured in the “The Eye Has To Travel.”

Coastal Living highlights how to use color and texture on the California Coast and reveals my Top Five Picks on a host of topics.

C Magazine beautifully captures our client’s penthouse in the article “Designer Kendall Wilkinson Dreams Up a Glossy San Francisco Flat that is Classic with an Edge.”

Finally, “How to Use Antiques in the Modern Home” in California Home shows how I love to mix classic elements with a modern twist.

Visit our Press Page for more details.

Coastal Living Q&A

‘Be Fearless’-Coastal Living Takes Five With Kendall Wilkinson

Coastal Living Q&A



Interior designer Kendall Wilkinson of San Francisco talks color, texture, and art with Coastal Living.

What should homeowners bring to a first meeting?
KW: Whether it’s swatches of fabric, images, or a Pinterest page, they need to come with whatever tools will help them communicate what they want out of every room.

Rule of thumb when using bold color?
KW: Be fearless! Just be sure to layer your shades with a mix of textures, patterns, and a cast of complementary hues for a grounded look.

For timeless style, take a page from…
KW: Albert Hadley, Sister Parish, Dorothy Draper, and Michael Taylor.

Favorite finishing touch?
KW: Art can elevate the overall look of a room. When starting your own collection, strive for a mix of mediums— photography, paintings, and sculpture.

Best materials for beachfront living?
KW: I stick to cottons, linens, and sisals. They’re light and casual.

Share your proudest design moment.
KW: I was working on a bedroom with a lovely hand-painted mural. Rather than risk blocking it, I created a custom Lucite headboard that didn’t hide a thing!
—Brielle M. Ferreira, Coastal Living, October, 2013

Kendall Wilkinson Summer 2013 Store Vignette

Summer Serenity

Kendall Wilkinson Summer 2013 Store Vignette



Kendall Wilkinson’s homage to America’s cup continues in the second phase of our summer vignette. The look is cool, crisp and serene featuring two chrome and white chairs in the style of Milo Baughman, a vintage etched Lucite coffee table, and various accents in chrome and polished nickel.

This month we’re featuring the stunning work of Louise LeBourgeois. Her photo-realistic waterscape Water: Tempest #506 showcases masterful brushwork in an oil on panel piece that is both peaceful and moody, the perfect addition to a vignette inspired by San Francisco summer and the greatest sailing race in the world!

Vintage Barware

Vintage Barware

Vintage Barware


Though a Summer in San Francisco may inspire something more along the lines of a Hot Toddy, here’s a cocktail for those days that feel a little more fun in the sun and a little less blustery.

Adopted from a recipe at local favorite Locanda in San Francisco’s Mission district, this version substitutes vodka for gin.

2 1/4 oz. vodka
3/4 oz. Aperol
cucumber (preferably lemon cucumber if available)

Muddle a few slices of cucumber in a cocktail shaker. Add the vodka and Aperol. Shake vigorously and double-strain into a cocktail glass. Spritz with lemon oil from a lemon peel, and garnish with a sliced cucumber.

And what better way to enjoy this cool-as-a-cucumber concoction than with one of our sets of vintage barware, now available at Kendall Wilkinson Home?

Lake Como

Lake Como is Breathtaking

Lake Como



Savoring precious moments with family and friends on holiday along the shores
of Lake Como in Italy.

This very narrow lake, with its pastel villages and Romanesque architecture, is breathtaking. The still waters, the angle of the sails, and the cloud-enshrouded mountains are magical.

It shouldn’t surprise me, yet it does, that seeing a sunrise over a vast body of water,
in a far away place, reminds me of home. I adore the Bay Area and the many sunrises
and sunsets that have informed my designs throughout the years.

Can’t wait to dive back in. Ciao belli amici!

America's Cup Tribute

Three Steps to America’s Cup Tribute

America's Cup Tribute
Kendall Wilkinson welcomes the America’s Cup this month with a new seaworthy home store vignette. Taking inspiration from the cup itself, the vignette pairs old world luxury with modern aerodynamic/streamlined touches.

The America’s Cup is the oldest active trophy in international sport. It is a test of not only sailing skill but a contest of design as well.

Here are three (simplified) steps we used to create the new display.

Step 1 – Paint the Background
Paint the walls a velvety-grey. We love ‘Strong White’ from Farrow & Ball. It complements the sterling and polished nickel treasures found throughout the store.

Step 2 – Curate Vibrant Art
Curate vibrant, large-scale art that mimics the sea. A wind and water composition with shades of Blue by Barbara Vaugh was the perfect find thanks to Dolby Chadwick. The yellow and browns in Tom Lieber’s painting adds a strong focal point to the room.

Step 3 – Source Luxurious Chairs and Rugs
Pair luxurious, (and comfortable) chairs from Jiun Ho with a Morrocan rug from Tony Kitz Gallery. Dust off the vintage barware and silver trophies.

The stage is all set. Fleur’t even brought us flowers with pops of yellow to celebrate. We’re super excited to welcome sailors, visitors and explorers of all kinds this summer.

Q and A with Lonny Magazine


I was involved in an inspiring question and answer session with the editors of Lonny Magazine, owned by Livingly Media out of New York City and San Carlos, CA. It was a thrill to be able to share some of my new and time-tested design ideas with them.
To see the article, click on this link:

Natural Tones

Natural Tones

Natural Tones

As designers, we often hear the terms “colors of nature” or “natural tones”. Using conventional associations, the mind’s eye usually conjures hues of beige, oatmeal and sage, which can be a little humdrum. Why not reframe the way we think in design? Nature creates swoon-worthy colors from precious stones to plants to animal life. These tones originate from our natural world as fiery magenta, cobalt, citrine, fuchsia, and aqua tones among others. We often use these colors to adorn ourselves, but they look equally lovely adorning an otherwise dull interior. That is why I love the “natural tones” of Manuel Canovas’ newest fabric collection – rich with all the colors that nature has gifted us. Washing a wall of cabinets in a high gloss jewel toned lacquer, or putting a peacock silk pillow on a cream sofa adds a level of drama and sophistication that is chic and still totally natural.

2950 Vallejo Street, SF

Living Room Design 2950 Vallejo Street

“Our team had the pleasure of staging the living room at 2950 Vallejo Street for an event featuring one of the Founders of — the fantastic new neighborhood social networking website. We worked with our good friends, Max Armour and Malin Giddings from SF Properties ( to create a room that felt both elegant and modern. We found some incredible pieces for the space — I especially loved the antlers with the gilded skull — elegant taxidermy! Check out the room above and contact us if you are interested in any of the pieces.”



Hope you enjoy this guest blog post from Jennifer Orne, a Senior Designer at my firm. Love her perspective on nature and how it inspires design!

Working with the landscape and not “making a mark” on nature is the point of Andy Goldsworthy’s work. I have been obsessed with his ingenious approach to sculpture and photography for years. Creating forms from natural materials such as stones, sticks, leaves, snow, and ice; these outdoor sculptures temporarily survive and then eventually disappear due to the whims of nature.

Here in San Francisco he has installed such works as “Drawn Stone” for the entry courtyard of San Francisco’s De Young Museum, which echoes San Francisco’s frequent earthquakes and their effects; here also is a work titled “Spire and Wood Line” which is inspired by the Presidio’s historic forest. I am constantly inspired by nature and find great joy by spending my free time hiking in the nearby national parks. I find fascinating color combinations that inspire design color palettes – based on a vignette of moss and tree bark, fallen leaves covering the forest floor, and river rocks strewn about by the bank of a creek. Nature is my muse and Andy completely epitomizes all that I find perfect in this world.


Ahhhh….it’s Valentine’s season again. I say “season” because, like Halloween, it’s no longer just a day, but really a month-long marketing event. That said, love is surely something to be celebrated, so I say…dive in! Valentine’s reminds me of two important decorating points I’ll elaborate on here: 1. The color red, in small doses, can be divine. 2. Nothing livens up a house more than fresh flowers. RED I truly love color –and all its transformative powers. And the color red, in particular, can take a room from zero to sixty. However, much as I love it, I have found after many years of trial and error that red works best when injected very thoughtfully in small doses. Bright red cording on a pillow, pinky-red trim on a curtain, rusty red interwoven in a herringbone rug. Of course, if a client really loves red, we’ll find a way to make a bigger statement with it that works. And this is all about finding the exact right shade of red, as the undertone color that can completely change the feel. FLOWERS I used to think of flowers as an indulgence – the perfect touch at the end of an installation for a client, but not necessarily for my own day-to-day life. But, I’ve changed my tune. Fresh flowers can instantly pull a room together and make it feel special, so why not have them all of the time? Even in the midst of my boys’ piles of homework and the other detritus of our daily lives, I find that a vase of beautiful fresh flowers just makes our house feel like a well-loved home. So, long after Valentine’s season ends (right around when Easter season cranks up!), I hope you’ll keep brightening your home with touches of red and beautiful fresh flowers.

Design Inspiration in San Francisco

Views of Our Neighborhood

Design Inspiration in San Francisco

Some words and images from our wonderful Design Associate, Lauren Steudte. With our recent posts on travel to amazing far-flung places, Lauren reminds us of all the design inspiration that surrounds us right here in San Francisco. And, she’s got me thinking about Spring with that beautiful blush color! “Inspiration is all around us. A simple walk through one’s own neighborhood can reveal a great idea for a new color scheme, luscious architectural details, or sculpture in the form of a curved staircase. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place with fabulous little surprises around every corner.”

Antique Chandeliers

What’s Old Is New…

Antique Chandeliers

We’ve been trending modern lately…loving the clean lines and fresh feeling of more contemporary spaces. But, I believe no look is complete without layering in some pieces that have patina and history. Our wonderful new store manager, Barry Miller, has a great eye for vintage and antique pieces that can add just the right note to any room…modern or traditional. Here’s what Barry had to say about what’s new in our store. Come visit us soon! “Along with new shipments of Vintage Barware, Vintage Wire Baskets, and Cast Iron Jacks, we also have several beautiful Antique Chandeliers that we are displaying at our store on Sacramento Street. Pictured is a one-of-a-kind Seashell Chandelier. Over the next few weeks we will continue to add more new, found, and antique items. When you’re in the area, please stop by and check out our store: 3419 Sacramento Street, SF.”

Designers of Distinction

Designers of Distinction

Designers of Distinction

We’re thrilled to be finalists for the Designers of Distinction 2013 SFDC Awards of Excellence next month. We submitted three recent projects in the Residential – Transitional category that epitomize our penchant for blending European old world glamour with fresh California modernism. Looking forward to the luncheon at the Design Center in a couple of weeks with many of our talented peers. Tickets to the event are here: Hope to see you there!

Berlin Adventures


Building off my latest experience with travel, I thought I would take the opportunity to share another recent journey that one of my design assistants enjoyed over the holidays. Chelsi Liddell just took an inspirational trip to Berlin and had the following to say about it: “Being in Berlin was an incredible experience – the city is truly a cutting-edge mecca for art and design. There is a real understated strength in this city. In walking all over, I was astounded to see how in one moment you are surrounded by ornate German architecture and then you turn the corner to find an equally beautiful, but minimal, raw space. I can’t wait to go back! Here are my top three places to visit in Berlin: 1. Neues Museum – A historical museum in ruins receives an exciting re-interpretation from David Chipperfield and houses an impressive art collection. 2. Neighborhood: Charlottenburg – quaint tree lined streets and great shopping on Tauentzienstraße and Kurfurstendamm 3. Food: Opt for the quintessentially authentic currywurst or the acclaimed Reinstoff

Yin and Yang


Happy New Year! It feels like it is definitely back to business this week – but with a true break and a wonderful vacation under my belt, I am feeling refreshed and ready for it. After a very busy year, I was reminded anew of how critical it is to find balance in life. To work hard but take time to play. To indulge and enjoy great food and wine, but also make time for exercise and salad! To create bold interiors that have quiet corners. To balance clean modernity within classically scaled spaces. The yin and the yang, if you will! I went to Europe over the holidays, and without work on my mind, I was astounded at how I was able to see and experience so much with new eyes. I’ve attached some pictures of beautiful colors that caught my eye along the way. So, here’s to balance in the new year and to taking time to stop and smell the roses…and see the colors! All the best, Kendall

What I Love About Mid-Century Modern


Our holiday vignette in the store this month features a mid-century modern display that reminds me of all the things that I love about the pieces of this period: the clean-lined furniture, the warm wood tones, the simplicity of forms and minimal ornamentation mixed in with small doses of straight-up glamour. Mid-century designs from the 1950’s and 1960’s paint an accurate picture of the post-war period. A reaction to the pre-war emphasis on formality, tradition and weight, these new designs were quite opposite: informal, simple, light and most of all…modern and fresh. While I would not choose to live in a house done exclusively with mid-century modern pieces, I do love mixing them in with furniture from other eras because of how they contribute so richly to the overall vibe of a space: relaxed, clean, functional — the ultimate statement of understated cool. From a mid-century inspired dresser in a child’s room to a cocktail table in a formal living room, mid-century design makes a stylish addition to any space. Get some ice, Don Draper might be coming by for cocktails later!

Strolling Sacramento Street for Holiday Treasures


I decorated my home for the holidays a week or so ago….but I find that half the fun is adding treasures to my collection throughout December. As the recent One Kings Lane ads say “Decorating is Never Done” and that’s true for the holiday season as well! A stroll down Sacramento Street this time of year usually finds me with a new ornament or candlesticks in hand. Holiday entertaining is a great excuse to freshen up the bar with beautiful glassware and trays. We have some exquisite decanters and festive glasses in our store now, along with a vintage sterling silver tea set. I am loving a friend’s new store, called Hudson Grace, that just opened a block down from us – they have amazing items for tabletop. I’ve been eyeing some platters that are elegant and perfect for setting a holiday buffet. And my friends at Anthem always have a gorgeous collection of decorative accessories and furniture. In our store this year, we’re showcasing a more modern take on holiday colors – opting for hues of dark sangria red, stone grays and pops of gold and cream. Bright berry-covered branches in vases create a simple, sculptural display along with our signature scented candles. We’ve added holiday sparkle through mercury glass, bronze and crystal. Make sure to stop by and pick up a treasure to add to your own collection!

Designer Wreath

Jingle & Mingle Event!

Designer Wreath

We are so excited to participate in the designer wreath auction with a beautiful mercury glass wreath at this year’s Jingle & Mingle at the Golden Gate Club. Jingle & Mingle is an incredible event benefitting Children of Shelters, an organization that creates opportunities and provides educational funding for the city’s 4,000+ homeless kids. The event raises more than $200,000 for the organization. With our wreath, we aimed to interpret the traditional notion of a wreath structure, so as to maintain the aesthetic essence of the holiday season, but also demonstrate a more versatile and modern look and feel.

The collection of faceted mirrors serve to reflect and refract light providing a sparkle and glow which is unmistakably festive. However, during the non-holiday months, the piece can be outfitted with a removable central mirror for use as a decorative element in the home. A synthesis between a modern aesthetic and hand crafted quality are explored and realized. The simplicity of form and geometric nature of the structure illustrate a deconstruction of ornament and a desire to relish in simplicity of what is reflected – celebration of the moment. Hope you are celebrating the season and enjoying the moment this month! Best Kendall

Happy Thanksgiving from Kendall Wilkinson Design

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Kendall Wilkinson Design

All of us at Kendall Wilkinson Design want to wish you and your families a happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful holiday celebrating with friends and family.

Let the holiday season begin!

xo, Kendall

Bungalow 1a Kendall Wilkinson Design

Press: Bungalow 1a

Bungalow 1a Kendall Wilkinson Design

We’re thrilled to have been featured on Bungalow 1a – it’s one of our favorite blogs to read every week. In the interview you’ll find out the five essential pieces that every individual should have in their home. What I think makes a great room and more! Be sure to pop over and take a look.

A Look Inside the San Francisco Fall Antique Show


When fall arrives I always look forward to the San Francisco Fall Antique Show. Every year it’s incredible to see what the amazing vendors bring to showcase – this year I’m was in awe by the “seaworthy” theme, especially the model ships. The stunning furniture, artwork and individuals I met gave me even more inspiration this year. Some of the highlights – meeting the ever so lovely Diane Keaton (I’ve always adored her) and her new book “House” has an amazing array of unique architecture. If you haven’t had a chance to stop into the show I highly recommend going this weekend.

Interview with Jeff King Co

Interview with Jeff King & Co.

Interview with Jeff King Co

Jeff King and I are longtime friends, when he approached me about doing an interview for his amazing blog I jumped at the chance. It was such a pleasure sitting down and answering some well thought out questions about the industry and my day-to-day life. Pop on over to his blog to read the interview!

Next week we’ll be sharing photos from High Point Market – it was so inspiring. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Travel: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Travel always brings inspiration. I just got back from a weekend jaunt to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and let me tell you – it was exactly what my mind and body needed. It was inspiring on many different levels from the air to the colors of the sky to the texture of the mountains and trees. Words don’t give it justice, but it was a vibrant reminder to take design cues from nature. The Grand Tetons provide the dramatic focal point, surrounded by layers of quiet beauty, set to the backdrop of a big sky. So similar to what we try to create in our designs — pulling in styles from different periods and cultures, layering colors and textures to create a beautifully assembled canvas for living.

To top it off, we spent a few days fly fishing – you heard me right. I never knew how peaceful and serene fishing could be with the water running below my legs and nothing but beauty all around. Now that I’m back in San Francisco, I’m reminding myself of everything I took in and the important connection between nature and design. If you’re looking for a getaway – Jackson Hole is the place to go.

Classical Framework

Work in Progress: Detailed Framework

Classical Framework

Our client envisioned a balanced blend of contemporary furnishings set within a classical framework. Now nearing completion, I wanted to highlight the details and share an inside look at the work in progress of this Penthouse project before the furnishings arrive! Every inch of the unit is clad in expertly-crafted architectural woodwork which has time-period resonance. Warmth and comfort embody the home with beautiful proportions of classical lines throughout. We can’t wait to unveil this stunning, one-of-a-kind project!

Contemporary Classical Andrew Skurman

New Book: Contemporary Classical

Contemporary Classical Andrew Skurman

We’re excited to announce that we have a new favorite coffee table book – Contemporary Classical. San Francisco architect, Andrew Skurman is known for his refined classical architecture and his superbly polished and elegant work. Contemporary Classical showcases an exceptional range of residential work. We’ve always admired his work and I’m proud to highlight this book on my living room coffee table. Andrew thanks for this new and inspiring book.

Kendall WIlkinson Design for The World featured in The San Francisco Chronicale

Press: San Francisco Chronicle

Kendall WIlkinson Design for The World featured in The San Francisco Chronicale

This summer we had the opportunity to work on an exciting new project – transforming a luxury residence on the largest privately owned yacht on the planet, The World. The timeline was incredibly short, the quarters tight and the security even tighter however, Kendall Wilkinson Design was up for the challenge!

Pop on over to the full article to read about all about the project, working with Homeland Security and how we ultimately sourced and installed everything in 24 hours. It’s always a pleasure being included in the Chronicle; thank you to the team that put this piece together!

Tour of Heath Ceramics

Field Trip: Heath Ceramics

Tour of Heath Ceramics

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are in the Bay Area. We have amazing shops and factories here in San Francisco. A few weeks ago we took a tour of Heath Ceramics while we were sourcing dinnerware for a client. When you walk through the space you realize how small the factory is for the amount they produce. A fun fact: The factory is located on a former wartime ship yard in Sausalito that was left plenty of scrap metal on the property – Heath converted a lot of the scrap that was left into factory parts and equipment, all of which remains onsite today. Edith Heath, the founder created all of new colors for each season until she passed away in 2005. The company now produces each line with Edith in mind. My current favorite color is the citron – it’s a lovely pop of color that feel fresh and modern!

Here are a few pictures from our tour. If you come to SF be sure to check out the Sausalito factory store or the brand new San Francisco flagship in Potrero Hill (it’s breathtaking).

2012 Olympic Design Inspiration

Inspiration: 2012 Olympics

2012 Olympic Design Inspiration

The Olympics are no longer just about sports – spectators are also looking at each of the countries uniforms. This year Ralph Lauren (for USA) wasn’t the only designer donating uniforms to their country. Stella McCartney designed the uniforms that were donned by the British team. And the legendary Giorgio Armani outfitted the Italian team. A few others included Salvatore Ferragamo for the Republic of San Remo Team and Prada for the Italian sailing team. It’s inspiring to see all of these designers working with the countries they are rooting for in the games. Which of the uniforms did you like the best?

Michigan Travel Inspiration

Traveling: Michigan

Michigan Travel Inspiration

Summer travel is something San Franciscans live for mostly because it feels like winter in the months of July and August. This week I’m traveling to Michigan – where we go every year to spend time with my entire family. Last night as I was sitting out on the deck waiting for the sun to set, I realized how important it is to step away and get rejuvenated and inspired. As the sun was setting I couldn’t believe my eyes – the colors that came over the sky were incredible. Enjoy the series of images I took to document the light. I’m still in awe!

Matchbook Magazine Featuring Kendall Wilkinson Design

Press: Matchbook Magazine

Matchbook Magazine Featuring Kendall Wilkinson Design

Today we’re excited to share that we’ve been featured in one of our favorite online magazines – Matchbook. The new June issue of Matchbook Magazine is out and we’re thrilled to be included. You’ll get a glimpse into our studio. Thank you, Matchbook, for including us in this issue.

Blue Kicks at Kendall Wilkinson Design

Update: Blu Kicks @ KWD Next Monday

Blue Kicks at Kendall Wilkinson Design

With a new vignette, we thought it would be the perfect time to host a pop-up shop in our store. Blu Kicks is a fun family-owned shoe line that is inspired by nature and time spent in Hawaii. Their go-anywhere product line reflects designs inspired by fish, like the Humu. They in turn donate 3% of each sale towards protecting their habitat.

Please join us on Monday, June 11th to look at their exciting new summer collection – one day only from 1pm – 4pm. We can’t wait to see you!

Kelly Market Short List with Kendall Wilkinson

Press: Kelly Market

Kelly Market Short List with Kendall Wilkinson

I was so excited to be featured on one of our favorite blogs: Kelly Market. She asked me questions about what my favorite charity is – to my signature cocktail – to where I’d like to travel next. Let me tell you, it was so much fun putting this post together for her. Take a peek at my favorite things!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!

House Beautiful May 2012

Press: House Beautiful May 2012

House Beautiful May 2012

The latest issue of House Beautiful is out on the newsstands. I have to tell you – it’s a stunning issue! We were excited to see our custom Lucite table and turquoise chairs featured on page 116 in a town house in Washington D.C. – if you have a copy be sure to check it out, if not click here to see it!

High Point Lighting

Highlights from High Point Market

High Point Lighting

One of our designers, Brittany, flew to High Point this past week. It was a great opportunity to source distinctive antiques and newly designed lines for our Kendall Wilkinson Home store. Brittany also discovered some amazing new sources for our design clients and shared pictures with the team that made our hearts skip a beat. There is so much to see and digest – From stunning lighting, to beautiful modern coffee tables, to breathtaking inspiration boards at Hickory Chair. Let’s just say – the entire show didn’t disappoint. Mr. and Mrs. Howard was by far her favorite. It was a mixture of their own designs mixed with antiques from their huge collection.

For those of you that went to High Point this year – what was your favorite part? Can’t wait to hear what others enjoyed!

Have a good weekend everyone.

Press: Be Your Own Decorator


We’re excited to announce that we’ve been featured in Susanna Salk’s new book Be Your Own Decorator. When Suzanna came to me well over a year ago asking to feature the turquoise room I designed for the San Francisco decorators showcase I felt incredibly honored. As I paged through the book this past weekend, I was in awe of all of the other designers that were featured. It’s a book everyone should purchase – it has incredible tips, designer quotes and most of all inspiration on each and every page. To give you a little teaser, be sure to watch this video that gives you a sneak peek – you might just see our room in it. Enjoy!

In Memory of Albert Hadley

In Memory of Albert Hadley

In Memory of Albert Hadley

Over the past week I, as well as all of the designers in my office have been thinking about the passing of Albert Hadley. He was an incredible designer – charming, charismatic and talented. His work evoked an eloquence on par with the man himself.

My fondest memory of Hadley’s work stems back to my early years of design inspiration, and the work of Parish Hadley. When I started my business, Sister Parish’s granddaughter, Jessica Parish Galloway, was one of my first clients and I fondly recall getting to incorporate many inherited pieces from her grandmother into the design while keeping it fresh and inviting.

With the passing of Albert, we lost a great American designer, but I think these times pose great opportunity to celebrate a life. It brings to light how and why they will continue to inspire us for many years to come.

What is your greatest memory of this legend?

Travel Inspiration Paris

Travel Inspiration: Paris

Travel Inspiration Paris

With the weekend upon us I’ve been daydreaming about taking a trip back to Paris. There is something incredibly magical about the city – from the scene, to the fashion, to the architecture. Everything is so inspiring. I can see myself sitting in the Ritz (which is sadly about to be renovated) at the Hemingway Bar, Grey Goose Martini up and a splash of Lillet Blanc with a twist in hand, gabbing with my girlfriends. Yes, this is all but a dream, but when you daydream about a city that makes your creativity go wild, who wouldn’t want to hop on a plane?

What do you love most about Paris?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

25 Lusk Design Insipration

Project Inspiration: 25 Lusk

25 Lusk Design Insipration

It’s not too often that clients come to us with a binder full of magazine tear sheets – all of us have our secret stash for our dream home. But sometimes it’s the unexpected inspiration that makes the entire concept come alive. An example of this is 25 Lusk here in San Francisco. A client wanted us to see that she loved a very modern and industrial look similar to her favorite restaurant. As we design the home we’re constantly looking back at this space to remember where their vision came from. Have you ever been inspired by a restaurant? If so, we’d love to know which ones!

Photo from

Playroom in Progress Inspiration

Playroom Progress

Playroom in Progress Inspiration

Just popping in to say hello to all of you fabulous readers. We’re busy designing away and wanted to show you a little sneak peek at a playroom we’re working on. It’s always fun to see the process, isn’t it? We’ve having a lot of fun with this particular project – it’s definitely bringing out the inner kid in all of us.


Twilight Room Art Inspiration

Unexpected Inspiration – Loie Fuller Meets Our Twilight Room

Twilight Room Art Inspiration

We have had some great feedback on our twilight room – “inspiring,” “energetic,” and “unique” are just some of the descriptors used by admirers. One of the key features of this space is the stunning artwork – two pieces which also served as great inspirations for the space. Each have distinct shapes and forms, which stand almost frozen, drawing the viewer in to catch a glimpse of each intricate detail before it erupts in motion once more.

The artwork on the top right entitled “Pink Elena” features model Elena Sudakova swathed in billowing blush fabric.

The artwork on the top left entitled “Widows of Culloden Organza Dress” elegantly displays the genius of Alexander McQueen with an ivory silk organza dress. The dress, originally worn by Kate Moss wrapped her in rippling fluid texture as she delighted onlookers in an unexpected hologram in McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2006 fall fashion show.

Both pieces have distinct shapes and forms, which stand almost frozen, drawing the viewer in to catch a glimpse of each intricate detail before it erupts in motion once more. This got us thinking…if these pieces were our inspirations – what inspirations might Sundsbø have had?

Lastly, let us present Loie Fuller (the bottom image). This young woman from a suburb of Chicago burst onto the Paris art nouveau scene with a truly unforgettable and mesmerizing display of dance, theatre and color. Her revolutionary approach is an obvious inspiration to both Sundsbø and McQueen…and we’re not surprised. Her Serpentine dance amongst others is a true delight to watch and we’re pretty sure that her inspirations won’t stop here.

Enjoy the live version of Loie Fuller’s Serprentine Dance below.

Global Interior Design Inspiration

Trending: Going Global

Global Interior Design Inspiration

We’re currently working on a fun project that includes a play room – it definitely gets the inner kid inside you to come out and PLAY! What would both kids and parents want to see in such a room? As we scoured for inspiration we saw one common theme : globes, maps and airplanes- which is now our inspiration for the play room we’re designing. Our collection of vintage globes along with maps of our clients’ favorite destinations have us prepared for this fun space. We’re also going so far as to decoupage some of these vintage globes with stenciled letters and cute images of animals to add a touch of a unique custom quality, and lastly adding on airplane wall decals for extra fun…

What trends are you seeing in play rooms these days?

Kendall Wilkinson Design on Pinterest

Join Us on Pinterest!

Kendall Wilkinson Design on Pinterest

If you’re like us – you’re constantly tearing out pages from magazines. Inspirational images for our home or our clients are most often piled high, scanned to the desktop or pinned to a cork board. Well, it was a little out of control at the office until we found the beloved Pinterest. Ever since we signed up it’s been heaven – no more binders of images we can’t find.

Pinterest allows us to pull images for any and every site we come across while researching design projects and then categorize them into neat little “boards” within our Pinterest. account. For the neat and organized out there – this is the place for you.

So start pinning and follow us!

Twilight Room in San Francisco

See the Twilight Room in San Francisco

Twilight Room in San Francisco

Wednesday, January 25
9am – 5pm
Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home
3419 Sacramento Street

Visit us at our shop on Sacramento Street to see the Twilight Room. We would love to hear what you think.

A room like this can also be designed for you, with your signature Infinity Wall, that reflects just who you are…

Please contact us if we can assist you with any of your design needs. Happy 2012!

Maison de Luxe Greystone Showroom

We’re Bringing You…

Maison de Luxe Greystone Showroom

This week a chapter closes on our stunning Maison de Luxe Greystone showroom, but don’t fret if you missed it, because we’ve got some very exciting news. We will be showcasing it here in our San Francisco store. You heard it here first! We can’t wait to show all of you!

Until then, pop over to A Lovely Being for an inside look into the room.

Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year!

Photos by Lisa Romerein

2011 Kendall Wilkinson Store Collection

Currently in the Store . . .

2011 Kendall Wilkinson Store Collection

With the holidays right around the corner, we created a space which evokes the comfort of the season by using exquisite furnishings that are made fresh and exciting through a backdrop of bold and sophisticated colors. Come by our store to find something special and unique for a friend, hostess or family member. The store is filled with special treasures that have been handpicked by our team.

Happy Holidays everyone!

2011 Holiday Gifts from Kendall Wilkinson

Gifts at KW Home

2011 Holiday Gifts from Kendall Wilkinson

Visit the store this holiday season to find the perfect gifts for everyone – family, friends and hostess gifts. From vintage decanters to birch candles to crystal perfume bottles, you’re bound to find a special treat for someone on your list, and maybe even take something home for yourself! Here are a few of our favorite things for your home this season.

1. Ikat Celery Linen Pillows

2. Vintage Louis XVI style Bergere and Ottoman

3. Vintage Decorative Jacks (perfect for a bookcase)

4. Frances Palmer Dishware in Black or White

5. Jeu de Boule Balls

6. Chaise a la Reine

7. Signature Kendall Wilkinson Chaise Lounge

Be sure to pop into KW Home we’d love to see you!

Maison de Luxe Vision Video

Maison de Luxe at Greystone, Part I from Luxe Magazine on Vimeo.

Tonight marks the private opening Gala for the Maison de Luxe Greystone Showhouse – we’ve been counting down the days.

Luxe Magazine has been sharing video sneak peeks into the rooms each designers has re-created. We wanted to share ours with all of you that won’t be able to make it to LA for the public opening Dec 2-22nd. We’re so fortunate to be featured with Michelle Nussbaumer, Jiun Ho, and Jamie Drake.


Maison de Luxe at Greystone Estate Showcase

Showhouse Sneak Peek

Maison de Luxe at Greystone Estate Showcase

In a few short weeks the Maison de Luxe at Greystone Estate will be opening up to the public. We’re elated to finally show you the room we’ve been designing and working on for months.

Kendall has designed many boys’ rooms in her career. This time she thought about what kind of room her boys might like at an older age.

Inspired by Leonardo di Caprio, she has taken a traditional boys’ room and turned and it into a sleek lounge, where the young men or “night crawlers” might come hang out, chill out or listen to music in a cool lounge space, with a strong vibe.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing the design process – from paint, to fabric, to the images that inspired the entire team to create our unique, show stopping room.

The Maison de Luxe Showhouse in the Greystone Mansion will be open to the public from December 2-22. Tickets available here.

Twilight room by Kendall Wilkinson, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe.

Designer Tag Sale on One Kings Lane!


We have a lot going on at Kendall Wilkinson Design! In the midst of finishing up our Maison de Luxe Showhouse room in the Greystone Mansion, we’re excited to announce that we have teamed up with One Kings Lane for another Tastemaker Tag sale.

For our second Tastemaker sale we have rounded up some of our best pieces. Be sure to set your alarms because the sale is starting Saturday morning 8 am PST/11 am EST. We have a feeling these items are going to go quick!

Here is a little sneak peek at a few of the pieces that will be part of the sale.

See all of you over at One Kings Lane this Saturday!

Modernism Through the Ages

Modernism Through the Ages

Modernism Through the Ages

An interactive lab offering visitors one-on-one sessions and intimate discussion groups throughout the weekend where designers will break down their creative process and current projects.

Discover what true collaboration looks like with Black Mountain Development, David Mast Designs, Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home and William Duff Artchitects

The event will take place on October 28, 29 & 30th in the Penthouse at The Millennium Tower.

Tickets at the door – $35, benefiting The Junior League of San Francisco.

Friday 7 pm-9:30 pm, Saturday & Sunday 10 am-4 pm!

Maison de Luxe 2011 Showcase House

Maison de Luxe 2011 Showcase House

Maison de Luxe 2011 Showcase House

Excitement is mounting as we weather the creative brainstorm for the upcoming Maison de Luxe Showhouse in November! Hosted by Luxe magazine at the historic Greystone Mansion nestled in Beverly Hills, its a venue sure to attract a myriad of design lovers and creators alike. As a hand selected participant, Kendall Wilkinson Design is sure to capture audiences with a room expressing creative twists on form and space- but all still enveloped in her fabulous signature style. Details on the event to follow.

For more info please email:

Kendall Wilkinson Glamour Showroom

All Starlets Welcome

Kendall Wilkinson Glamour Showroom

If you stand really still, you can almost hear the bubbles emanating from the crystal flutes. Relaxed glamour, fashion and ethereal textures converge in perfect harmony as part of Kendall’s current showroom look. Using a combination of antiques, stunning reproductions, and a collection of quintessential vintage photography, the space is sure to inspire the fashionista in all of us. It’s as if images from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar have quite literally danced off the pages into real life. Come experience the glamour for yourself. Feathered slippers and champagne not included.

2011 Design Bloggers Conference

Design Bloggers Conference 2011

2011 Design Bloggers Conference

We just returned from the Design Bloggers Conference at the fabulous Sofitel in LA. What amazing social networking avenues we have at our fingertips! Its a new world and a new platform to proliferate our love of all things design! A special nod to other participants and keynote speakers including Jan Showers, Tobi Fairley, Barclay Butera, Ronda Carman, One King’s Lane and Scot Meacham Wood for inspiring me to take it to the next level.

Kendall Wilkinson Design Do Gooders

Design Do-Gooders!

Kendall Wilkinson Design Do Gooders

We at KWD are taking our passions for design to new levels! In an effort to use our creative instincts for some good in the community, we are working to join forces with Philanthropy By Design this year. Its important to us that beautiful, sustainable design be available to everyone. We understand the impact it has on our well being as a society. We are also often looking for other volunteer opportunites, so please feel free to contact us with any ideas.

Violet is in Season

Orange You Glad Violet is in Season?

Violet is in Season

We’re back with a fresh new look for January! Kendall’s soft spot for all things violet has been brought back to life, this time paired with fun pops of persimmon and paprika. So be sure to come and take a peek. We’re gearing up for some great new projects this year and the sky’s the limit with creative new color combinations. We’d love to hear your fun design ideas, so please feel free to post some in our comments section. Happy New Year to you!

Holiday Ornament Design

All In a Year’s Work

Holiday Ornament Design

Dear friends and supporters, We just wanted to extend a brief note, wishing you much peace, prosperity and joy as we embark into a New Year! We at KWDH are wrapping up a 2010 full of hard work, teamwork, creativity and resolve. We’ll take a small respite to realign ourselves and be back with a bang on January 3rd! Thank you you all for your continued support. Cheers!

2010 Elle Decor Showhouse


The creative neurons are firing as we grow ever closer to the unveiling of the 2010 Elle Decor Showhouse! Kendall Wilkinson Design will be adorning the foyer, stairwell, hallways and home office. Reaching towards modern heights, Kendall and her team are sure to engage the audience with a creative layering of neutral tones and interesting textures. Tickets availalbe through the Junior League of San Francisco. We hope to see you there!

Elle Decor Showhouse San Francisco

Feeling Swell with Elle

Elle Decor Showhouse San Francisco

For years we’ve been relishing our issues of Elle Decor Magazine, waiting to crack open the shiny cover and let loose all the jewels of design wisdom. And now, Elle Decor is coming to us! Their 1st ever showhouse opens November 4th, 2010 in the St. Francis wood neighborhood of San Francisco. We are beyond thrilled to have been invited as one of the many talented designers participating. Stay tuned with us for details and mark your calendars for a tour in the fall. Also not to be missed is Kendall’s debut on the pages as part of the “TOP 10 Nesting Tables” feature on pg. 98 of September 2010 issue. Too fun to miss- grab an issue while they’re still available.

Jack Rogers Trunk Show


Jack Rogers Trunk Show

At KWDH, the only thing we love more than fabrics is well, SHOES! Please come by from 10-5 on July 13th, as we make space in the showroom for a “sole-ful” array of sandals and other fashions by the legendary JACK ROGERS! Its a trunk show not to be missed, so grab a friend and pop in for a visit.

Designer Sample Sale

Heavy Shopping, Light Guilt

Designer Sample Sale

Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home will join forces with select designers, showrooms and antiques dealers in a sale that’s sure to draw the masses. Come and peruse endless designer inventory at clearance prices, as participants are offering their exclusive designer furniture and accessories at savings of up to 70% off. When: Saturday, June 12th 10AM-5PM Sunday, June 13th 10AM-4PM Where: San Francisco Design Center Galleria and Showplace Buildings 101 Henry Adams Street, San Francisco

Kendall Wilkinson Classic Americana Showroom

Red, White and Blue-tiful

Kendall Wilkinson Classic Americana Showroom

Ruby red, rich sapphire blue and ethereal Lucite light up the showroom this season at Kendall Wilkinson Home! The showroom pays homage to classic Americana, but infuses Asian and Mexican touches, as well as unique art. Come by and see us – but beware, you just might have to snag yourself a Lucite chair!

Cityscapes by Carolyn Meyer and Surrealist Acrylic Canvases by Ricardo Carbajal Moss

Elevated to Artsy New Heights

Cityscapes by Carolyn Meyer and Surrealist Acrylic Canvases by Ricardo Carbajal Moss

Featured as part of Kendall’s “Red, White and Blue-tiful” look for the summer, are original paintings on loan from the ever stylish and bold Art Haus gallery. The dreamy Bay Area cityscapes by Carolyn Meyer and surrealist acrylic canvases by Ricardo Carbajal Moss elevate the showroom to artsy new heights. Exhibit will be on display until the end of June. Click here for details and please pop in and gaze for a while!

1st Dibs Introspective Feature

1st Dibs Introspective Feature

1st Dibs Introspective Feature

Appropriately referring to their merchandise as some of the “The most beautiful things on Earth”, 1st Dibs features an incredible inventory of unique home furnishings. Kendall Wilkinson Design & Home is thrilled and honored to now be showcased as a part of the 1st Dibs “Introspective” feature, highlighting Kendall’s illustrious and creative journey through interior design! Thank you to our partners at 1st Dibs for such a beautifully presented feature!

Still Life




Tasteful twists on tradition blend mid-century modern with 18th and 19th century antiques to create depth and interest.

Focusing on artful arrangements inspired by the photorealist still-life paintings of Guy Diehl, September’s vignette features handmade ceramics from Frances Palmer, and a carefully curated selection of vintage and modern accessories for the home.

Vintage Treasures

Don’t Make Haste, Make Taste!

Vintage Treasures

We are excited to announce the launch of the upcoming Tastemaker Tag Sale hosted by One King’s Lane, which goes live on April 17, 2010. Please visit to register for free and shop our inventory for at least 50% off! From vintage treasures to signature lacquer and Lucite gems, everything is at least half off! It has been a wonderful partnership with our friends at OKL, and we look forward to many more similar ventures.

Modern Interior Design Inspired by the 1960's

A Nod to Mod

Modern Interior Design Inspired by the 1960's

Making a subtle “nod to mod”, Kendall washed the showroom walls in Kelly green and cream with accents in poppy orange. Drawing inspiration from 1960’s design, the concept was an exciting departure, but still illustrates Kendall’s signature style. A classic green bamboo trellis wallpaper is artfully framed with picture molding for a fun new look for the walls, and a paprika throw adds just the right touch of color. As Kendall expands her aesthetic horizons there are sure to be many new fresh and contemporary projects in store this year.

Lillian Bassman and Marius Bosc Artwork

Guest Artists

Lillian Bassman and Marius Bosc Artwork

Partnering with local galleries, Kendall often exhibits unique works of art as part of her rotating storefront looks. Whether a stunning Lillian Bassman black and white, or an abstract Marius Bosc, she selects the perfect piece to accent her interiors. Bassman courtesy of Peter Fetterman Gallery, LA Bosc courtesy of Dolby Chadwick Gallery, SF.

Kendall Wilkinson's Signature Candle

Small Indulgences

Kendall Wilkinson's Signature Candle
With the holiday season in full swing, consider yourself cordially invited to the annual Sacramento Street Holiday Stroll, happening this year on Saturday, December 5th. Our shelves are stocked with a delightful array of beautiful treasures and gifts. Favorites this month include Kendall’s Signature candle, beautiful pillows, and lambs wool and angora throws. They are a lovely and easy way to fill your winter with the smells and textures of home.

Sacramento Street Holiday Stroll
Saturday, December 5th

Jon Freeman Custom Intaglios

Our “Seal” of Approval

Jon Freeman Custom Intaglios

Ok, we admit it. We are in love with these custom Intaglios made by local artist, Jon Freeman. Antique Greek and Roman seals are artfully mounted on silk and displayed in museum quality, hand carved frames in Gesso and gilt. Their classic look makes them versatile enough for strictly traditional spaces or more contemporary designs. Either way, we’ll help select a silk color and arrange a vignette that perfectly suits the interior at hand.

Kendall Wilkinson Signature Lacquer and Lucite Collection

A Love Affair with Lacquer and Lucite

Kendall Wilkinson Signature Lacquer and Lucite Collection

The word “obsession” seems a little strong, but we definitely try to defy convention when it comes to making the “old”, new and fabulous again. The Kendall Wilkinson Signature Lacquer and Lucite collections take from classic architectural lines and design concepts and are reinvented in bold, high gloss colors and ethereal Lucite. You can view our latest additions at

Eco-Conscious Furniture and Design

Green With Envy

Eco-Conscious Furniture and Design

Kendall wanted to contribute to the interior design eco-movement in a unique way. Her Green with Envy furniture line was conceived with style, sophistication, and innovation in mind. It hosts a bevy of stylish pieces made from reclaimed wood, non toxic paint and fabrics, and all pieces are sourced and made locally. She also retains a Green Building Professional designer on her staff who stays apprised of the latest in the eco-conscious world.

Interior Design Inspired From The Runway

Runway To Entryway

Interior Design Inspired From The Runway
Undoubtedly, a love of fashion directly inspires Kendall Wilkinson’s most creative works. Whether gathering color schemes from a Parisian runway or flipping through the newest Vogue, Kendall’s designs are a direct reflection of many bold and timeless trends in fashion. You might see jewels and necklines playfully transformed into drapery trim or pillow edge details. But ultimately, it’s a love of fabric and texture, sparkle and glamour that inspires unforgettable furniture and interiors.