July 13, 2016

Q6: What intrigued you most about creating an indoor/outdoor fabric collection?
We really saw a space in the marketplace where well-priced, indoor/outdoor fabrics were less represented. Given that I live in California and do much of my work here, we had a need for sophisticated and durable fabrics with a luxurious hand that were more affordable. It’s been so much fun to work with Fabricut to innovate with their mill partners to produce this line.

Q7: Which pattern are you most excited to see used in homes/outdoor spaces?
Kendall: I keep gravitating to Color Wash and Woodlands. These patterns are really bold and their colors are sophisticated and bright with some neutral options. I think they are “signature” patterns for the line and I can’t wait to use them myself!

Q8: What is the best career advice you’ve received? Ever gave?
Kendall: My mother (interior designer Alice Wiley) told me to go to design school for proper professional training. Even though she was (and still is!) a celebrated designer in San Francisco, my mother learned on the job. My path has been easier and more expansive due to her advice. The advice I give to designers just starting out is to absorb as much creative inspiration as you can and then generate your own.

Q9: If you weren’t an interior designer, what would you be?
Kendall: A singer in a rock band! I was in a band in my early 20s and will periodically perform for friends. Aside from that, I really think I am living my dream job as an interior designer and wouldn’t want to exchange it for anything else. That being said, I would like to find more time to spend with my two tween boys and am trying to find balance between work and home life…just like so many people!

Q10: What’s next for Kendall Wilkinson?
Kendall: Other than continuing to work with my fabulous clients, I would love to publish a book on my work; being in business for over 20 years, I’ve done a lot of wonderful projects. It’s been really interesting to see how taste changes (both mine and my clients) over the years and to see that much of what I designed early on still feels relevant and fresh. I’ve heard that writing a book can be analogous to having a child…so I think I’ll wait until my “real” children head off to college 😉

See Kendall’s new fabric collection for Fabricut online and in your local Showroom today!

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