August 20, 2014

San Francisco is a shifting landscape. As an international hub for technology and innovation, our clients’ tastes are constantly evolving to push the envelope of innovation in design. Our current vignette by KWD’s Senior Designer, Maggie Waltemath, and Design Assistant, Kaelyn Zatto, plays up this theme through the idea of evolution through the destruction and rebirth of design ideas.
Over the years of shopping for clients, shopping for the store, and shopping for pieces in showcase projects, we found ourselves with an excess of traditional pieces which are no longer in style, and which had … more


August 4, 2014

By Alex Cheng

This title, a twist on an architectural principle espoused by the great Louis Sullivan, emphasizes that the “function” of interior design is vital when planning the living space of a ship.
I’ve been interested in boat interiors ever since my husband took me to my first sailboat show.  I was instantly impressed with the economy of space required in designing the bedrooms (berths), kitchens (galleys), living rooms (saloons), and even the bathrooms (heads).  In addition to spatial considerations, the designer must select materials that are resistant to water and corrosion, as well as to absorbing odors from fuel and … more